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Land Sales

We specialize in commercial and residential land sales. Our knowledge of current infrastructure, road improvements, zoning regulations and development standards is key in determine the values in our land market, weather you are a Buyer or a Seller.  We can take this knowledge and combine it with the most recent comparable sales and market analysis for vacant and improved Land parcels, giving you the client an accurate knowledge of our market.

Tenant and Landlord Representation 

We provide both Landlord and Tenant representation on the Leasing of commercial and Industrial properties.  We have in-depth knowledge of the local jurisdictions' occupancy codes as well as an understanding of the different inventories available to local and incoming companies.  From bay sizes, clear heights, fire suppression, loading variables, and parking. We have experience in dealing with flex spaces, showroom/warehouses to logistics warehouse and construction yards.  Our knowledge of the market helps you the Landlord/Tenant negotiate the best deal in our current market.

Understanding the leasing markets allows us to have a realistic view of improved properties value.  We help Users and Investors alike acquire property.  With over $100,000,000 in sales our knowledge runs deep in handling sales transactions.

Build To Suit

If you would like a building for your own particular use; we can help.  Weather you choose to own or lease, we have match builder/developers with our clients.  We can help pick the right location, product and builder

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